About Us

Delta Jewels is a youth development initiative of Together For Hope Arkansas that empowers young women, inspires creativity and encourages community through art, craft, and design.

Located in Helena-West Helena, Ark., Delta Jewels began in 2008 as a jewelry-making co-op and has grown into a space for other creative projects, including photography, writing, crochet, and sewing. Adult mentors lead classes with small groups of girls, sharing their gifts and empowering those girls to teach others. We believe that equipping girls with skills and the opportunity to teach others develops confidence. Each girl is encouraged to be creative, hardworking and caring while exhibiting shared responsibility, fairness, and service to others.

When you buy something designed and handmade by Delta Jewels, 50 percent of the sale goes back to the creator of that piece, and the other 50 percent covers the cost of materials, training, and marketing.

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